5 Techniques That Provide You With Immediate Anxiety Relief

Anxious young women looking for immediate anxiety relief.

Living with anxiety is easy—said no one, EVER! Okay, it might not be easy. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that while you can’t exactly get rid of anxiety, you can learn how to manage it. So when your anxiety is triggered and the uncomfortable physical symptoms like racing thoughts, nervousness, and pounding heart begin to start, know that there are helpful anxiety-reducing techniques that can bring you immediate anxiety relief. 


Six Steps To Challenge The Voice Of Self-Criticism That Feeds Anxiety

Upset ethnic woman dealing with self-criticism and anxiety.

If you were to wake up tomorrow morning knowing you had to face a big bully no matter where you went, how would you handle it? Would you anxiously worry and fret about what the bully would do or say to make you feel awful? Or would you decide to shut the bully down? Now, what if I told you that bully was you. Let me explain. If you are relentlessly self-critical, you are essentially bullying yourself. In other words, you are the bully and the anxious victim. Yet, you probably have never thought about it in those terms. So, let me show you how self-criticism and anxiety feed off each other.


5 Strategies For Working Through Family Conflicts With Less Stress

Father sitting with his son working through a family conflict.

As a rule, families are a wonderful thing. It usually means having someone who loves you unconditionally despite of your shortcomings—also, a place of comfort, refuge, and support. And yet, even in the most loving of families, there are bound to be conflicts. And when family conflicts remain unresolved, they can be a breeding ground for stress, anxiety, and frustration. 

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