Hi, I’m Kris Henderson. I've dealt with anxiety and stress a time or two myself. So I understand it.  I've learned what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle without anxiety and stress and I can show you too. I coach others be their best at pursuing the activities that make them happy and take the actions that help them excel and live the life they want to!

Couple counseling near me

Couple counseling near me

Let me take a minute to tell you a little about myself.  I grew up in the West Michigan area and married my high school sweetheart. While our son and daughter were still little, I decided to enroll in college and eventually received my Masters degree in Counseling Education and Counseling Psychology.

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home Mom for a number of years but also had bigger goals of working with people and coaching them to achieve their goals and to help them find what they’re passionate about.

I would have never guessed how my original goal would take some twist and turns but I think it’s another example of how life will take you on a different journey sometimes. I learned it's not about life changes so much as it is in how you handle and deal with life changes!

My husband and I have been ’empty-nesters’ for years now and thoroughly enjoy our time together either at the waters edge (somewhere, anywhere!) or time spent with our kids and their spouses, our one and only grand-daughter, and with family and friends.

You know when you’re suppose to do something because it feels right, and it’s a joy to do it. Well that’s what I’m doing right now. There are some days when I think how lucky I am that I get to coach someone different all the time, there is no one day the same, and there’s nothing better than experiencing someone going from despair to contentment and peace.

With a coach's heart (and a counseling background) I provide insight and support for individuals who may be facing difficult life transitions, relationship problems, or emotional crises.  My goal is to assist you in making positive changes which will allow you to live a more productive and fulfilled life. Walking along side people on their road to health or happiness is a privilege and I can’t wait to meet you. Give me a call at 616-516-1570 and let’s start on your new journey!

Now what? The next move is your call…

Couple counseling near me




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