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depressed looking woman being consoled by friend

An Overview Of Women And Depression

By Kris Henderson

Depression can occur at any age and can also affect men, women, or, unfortunately, even children. Women, however, are nearly twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression. Let’s take a look at the link between women and depression. Research has shown that by age 15, females are twice as likely as males to…

A young black woman dealing with anxiety and depression.

I Have Anxiety And Depression. What Can I Do?

By Kris Henderson

Feeling anxious or down from time to time is a common human experience that we all go through in life. Although anxiety and depression are different conditions, they commonly occur together. And sometimes, it can be a struggle to determine the difference between the two.  Because anxiety and depression have many overlapping symptoms (for example,…

Young woman scrolling through social media on her phone

The Link Between Excessive Social Media And Unhealthy Feelings

By Kris Henderson

If you frequently feel anxious, stressed, sad, angry, or overwhelmed, it’s essential to identify the source of these emotions. Can you pinpoint a specific circumstance or situation that explains why you feel this way? If not, it’s possible that spending too much time on social media could be contributing to these negative emotions. Anxiety, depression,…

A young woman in bed getting a good night's sleep.

Who Needs A Good Night’s Sleep? – Why, You Do!

By Kris Henderson

Now that it’s January, hopefully, the busyness of the holiday season is but a distant memory. I don’t know about you, but by the end of all the planning, wrapping, cooking, and events, I usually feel I have run a marathon and am looking forward to the finish line where I can get some much-needed…

Woman staring at christmas lights in her hand looking sad

Five Steps To Overcome Loneliness During The Holidays

By Kris Henderson

Driving through town this time of year, you can’t miss that it’s all aglow with everyone’s unique version of holiday decorating. Whether Christmas trees glow in living rooms, twinkling orbs of color along roof lines, or yards sprouting with every lighted blow-up imaginable, it truly takes on the image of a winter wonderland! And yet,…

Woman smiling at the table being thankful

4 Things That Can Keep You From Being Thankful

By Kris Henderson

So here we are in November already (big sigh). And because the holiday of the month is Thanksgiving, my chant for the month will be, “I will be thankful! ” (That is, thankful that spring and summer will come again!) Whatever! Back to Thanksgiving. Even though there are different theories on when and how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated, most…

Beautiful girl siting outside in the fall leaves

The Tricks And Treats Of Seasonal Eating

By Kris Henderson

Well, we’ve flipped over another calendar page, and “Hello, October.” I’ll admit that I hate to see my summer packed up and stored away. However, I do appreciate the changing seasons and the experiences they bring. I am also aware that this time of year provides many opportunities (or should I say temptations) for some…

Smiling woman in the dark holding a lighted umbrella

In The Pursuit Of Happiness You Can’t Excape The Pain

By Kris Henderson

The pursuit of Happiness: As Americans, we all have the right to pursue happiness. It even says so in the Declaration of Independence. However, what the founding fathers were talking about then is quite different from what the average American today considers happiness to be. What Is Happiness? Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines happiness as “a state of being happy”…

Frustrated woman dealing with her chronic complaining co-worker.

How To Handle A Chronic Complainer – Even If It’s You

By Kris Henderson

In my last blog, I talked about three kinds of complainers and the negative effect chronic complaining can have on your physical and mental well-being. As promised, in this blog, we will learn how to deal with a chronic complainer and if there is such a thing as “the right way” to complain. Are you…

Woman complaining to her husband

Could Complaining Be An Unhealthy Habit?

By Kris Henderson

Most of us know that certain habits like smoking, overeating junk food, or lying on the couch all day contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. But what about complaining? Could complaining be an unhealthy habit? Well, it could be. It depends on what kind of complainer you are. Have you ever paid attention to your daily…

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