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Woman outside using nature to ease her anxiety and depression.

Don’t Overlook Nature To Ease Anxiety And Depression

By Kris Henderson

Back in March, when old man winter was stubbornly refusing to leave, I wrote a blog about dealing with “the winter blues.” And now that spring has finally sprung, I’m a little curious. Did “the blues” fade away, or are you perplexed to find they still hang on? Or maybe, feeling blue was never your…

Kristen L.

By adminjosh

I learned a lot about anxiety and that I did a lot of distorted thinking. I can choose to think differently which gets easier over time.  The strategy’s that work for me is labeling my thinking, accepting things I cannot control, and changing my thoughts to be more constructive and positive. Thank you for the…


By adminjosh

I’ve dealt with anxiety since I was a kid. I was always worrying and had a nagging need for control that later in life manifested into disordered eating habits. Overtime, my anxiety seemed to get worse, and it felt like I couldn’t get out of my own head. My mind was a constant loop of…


By adminjosh

I experienced my first panic attack 9 years ago. My heart raced, nothing felt real, I felt lightheaded and just felt off. Anxiety and panic disorders run in my family so I was fortunately to pretty quickly realize what I was suffering from. I was too embarrassed to get help, so for years I listened…


By adminjosh

I never realized that I had anxiety until I began meeting with Kris.  I knew I was not correctly dealing with my feelings, and instead, I was coping with unhealthy methods including alcohol.  Kris helped me to label my struggles (anxiety) so that I began to address the issue head-on. We addressed my anxiety by labeling…

Co-workers having a disagreement because of their perceptions.

Are Your Perceptions Hindering Your Relationships?

By Kris Henderson

Have you ever had a situation where only after some time had passed did you discover that someone had been upset with you? And when you finally found out, you were completely dumbfounded? You had no clue they were upset at the time. But later, something upended their cart, and all the pent-up emotions started…

Women with the winter blues staring outside her window.

How To “Spring” Out Of The Winter Blues

By Kris Henderson

Grumpy, dreary, tired, depressed, unfocused, listless. No, these are not the names of Snow White’s new companions. Instead, they are emotions you might be experiencing as you deal with the winter blues because of the time of year. It’s been a long winter (as always), so I thought it might be good to check in…

Smiling woman surrounded by her family helping her to cope with stressful life transitions.

7 Tips To Cope With Stressful Life Transitions

By Kris Henderson

And just like that, here we are at the beginning of a new year — again. The older I get, the faster it seems a new year rolls around. Sometimes I feel nostalgic when I have to say goodbye to a particular year, but not this past year. Nope, I was more than ready to…

Woman standing beside her son and elderly father asking herself, “Why do I feel overwhelmed being my parents caretaker?”

Why Do I Feel Overwhelmed Being My Parent’s Caretaker?

By Kris Henderson

“Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” If you are a caretaker of aging parents, you’ve probably asked yourself and others that question more than once. And even if you have the most loving parents and you love them to pieces, let’s face it. Switching roles with your parents and becoming their caretaker can be exhausting…

Perplexed man sitting at a desk wanting to know how to relieve stress at work.

How To Relieve Stress At Work Without Limiting Your Career

By Kris Henderson

You love your career and even knew beforehand it could be stressful at times. However, lately, the stress has seemed overwhelming. And to add to the pressure, you’re struggling to maintain your composure and professionalism while you work through it. Thankfully, there are many techniques on how to relieve stress at work that can have…

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