Anxiety Relief Exercises To Help You Recenter On Your Most Stressful Days

Woman using the anxiety relief exercise of guided imagery by imagining she is standing in the shallow waters of a peaceful lake.

Life sure can be chaotic at times, can’t it? And with that comes stress. It shows up in the home, at the workplace, in personal relationships, or our health. In response, we just keep plodding along, surviving on pure adrenaline. But eventually, we burn out and become exhausted. That is if we don’t address it. Using these anxiety relief exercises below are some simple ways to tap into a more restful and relaxed state of mind helping us to be more resilient in our chaotic lives.

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“Why Do I Feel So Overwhelmed?”/How To Manage Stress As A Parent

You had a frustrating day at work. You fought the crazy traffic to pick up your kids from daycare, school, or soccer practice. Two of them fight with each other in the back seat while the other child tells you they need supplies tonight for a project they forgot is due tomorrow. Is it any wonder you shuffle into the house, mumbling to yourself, “Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” 

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Unhealthy Coping Skills For Stress That Will Stall Your Career

A mad businessman using the unhealthly coping skill of yelling in the workplace

Stress has a way of worming its way into every aspect of our lives. And the workplace is no exception. It might not be as stressful as home life, but it does play a large part in our daily life. A survey paid for by Everest College showed that 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress. The stress points may vary among industries and different roles, but one aspect that holds true for all is that unhealthy coping skills for stress can stall your career. 

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How To Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed When You’re A Working Parent

Working parents trying to manage home and job responsibilities and trying to figure out how to deal with feeling overwhemed.

Do you ever feel like you are losing the battle juggling work, relationships, family responsibilities, and finding time for outside interests? Well, rest assured you are not alone. You join many other parents trying to figure out how to deal with those feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control. And it can be quite a challenge.

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