The 10 Best Calming Exercises For Anxiety

Woman sipping herbal tea as a calming exercise for anxiety.

Anxiety is something that everyone from time to time experiences because it’s a natural stress response.  But when you have too much anxiety, it can get in the way of living a healthy and happy life. And believe me, as someone with anxiety, I know how overwhelming it can be at times. But that’s why I’m so grateful that I have learned how to manage my anxiety over the years — not eliminate it, but manage it. But, of course, everyone’s situation is different. Still, I would like to share some simple calming exercises for anxiety that can help manage your stress. And help you regain control over your thoughts instead of letting anxiety have the upper hand in your life. 

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5 Ways As A Parent You Can Help Your Child’s Anxiety

Black mom talking to her young son trying to help her child's anxiety.

As adults, we look at kids laughing and playing outside with friends or riding their bike down the road and think, oh, how nice it would be to be a kid again with no worries. We say such things because, over the years, we have forgotten that we as kids did indeed have concerns; they have just faded with time. Of course, our anxieties were different from our parents, but still, the feelings were real. As a well-meaning parent, I’m sure you want to protect your anxious child from their fears. But, you’ll want to be careful not to overprotect them because that can actually make anxiety worse. So here are some things you can do to help your child’s anxiety.  

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How To Proactively Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed At Work

Black woman sitting with her head in her hands feeling overwhelmed at work.

Are you experiencing anxiety in your professional life? If so, you’re far from being alone. For indeed, stress at work is common for many people. Now anxiety can rear it’s troublesome head at various times and places, but I want to focus on today when you are feeling overwhelmed at work. And more specifically, how to proactively overcome those feelings. 

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#1 Tip For Finding Your Best Remedy For Anxiety

Anxious looking woman looking at her reflection and wondering what is the best remedy for anxiety

You might ask, what is the best remedy for anxiety? Well, the short answer is there is no “best” remedy for anxiety relief. Or I should say, there isn’t one best anxiety relief that fits all people. However, don’t quit reading or despair because my number one tip on finding your best remedy for anxiety is that there’s a whole host of strategies for you to try. You just have to find the best remedy that works for you.

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